Madison & Tanner: The Year in Review!!

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OMG!! Another year has CAREENED to a CLOSE!! Why is FATHER TIME such a STICKLER about SCHEDULING?!?! I mean REALLY?? Would it KILL the OLD BUTT TRUMPET to hit the SNOOZE BUTTON occasionally?? But there I go AGAIN!! Off on a ROAD trip to DIGRESSIONVILLE!! Crowding into the SPOTLIGHT that belongs to my ADORABLE SUCKLINGS […]

Madison/Tanner: Bible Camp

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OMG!! OMG!!! OMG!!!! My scrumptious moppets, little MADISON and little TANNER, are already HOME!! Eleven days EARLY!! And oh my GOODNESS, I am just about as MIFFED as I have EVER BEEN!!! Those SNOW-PURE youngsters are home early because they GOT KICKED OUT!!! I mean, can you IMAGINE?!?!?! That gosh-darn camp leader, WYMAN DOWNER, sent […]

The Madison/Tanner Diaries: Summer Camp

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OMG!! It’s almost the end of summer, and that can only mean ONE THING!! Vacation time for ME and vacation time for my adorable bundles of Cream and Chocolate, little MADISON and little TANNER!! The REAL QUESTION, the one that NAGGED like a big ol’ NAGGYPANTS, was WHERE to send the YOUNGSTERS?!?!?!?! They have already […]