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Star Trek ala Tarantino

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Earlier this week, one of the many spies I employ to keep tabs on Hollywood arrived at my door in the dark of night, sweating and trembling. She passed an envelope to me, clutched briefly at my hand, and dove out of sight into some hedges. Once secured in my office, I opened the package, […]

The Best Movies Released Before 1970

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A group of us tried to come up with a short list of exemplary pre-1970 movies. The goal was a maximum of 20. I couldn’t winnow mine down below 25, and even making that number was painful. They are presented here in no particular order. And before you start smacking me around for omitting one […]

Okavango Cocktail: An Interview with Peter Allison

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Peter Allison is a writer, conservationist, and expert safari guide. A native of Australia, and now residing near Cape Town, South Africa, Mr. Allison began working as a guide in the mid-90s, and has since led hundreds of safaris throughout South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana. When not exploring the world’s wild places, he acts as an […]

You Keep Using that Word…

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With the rise of Facebook, the word meme has crept, almost 40 years after it was coined, into our popular vernacular. Trouble is, most of what we see labeled “memes” are not, strictly speaking, deserving of the appellation. The following is my (probably ill-advised) attempt to throw a little light on the subject. Background: The […]

Lambasting Liberal Looniness

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I get criticized from time to time over the contents of this blog—bad language, dissing religion, mixed metaphors, behaving like an all-around asshole, you name it. One of the biggies, though, is that my conservative friends (yes, I have them) like to hit me with the “liberal bias” complaint. It would be easy for me […]

Misinformation Inoculation

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Once upon a time, America was a scientific nation. We led the world in science education, scientific research, applied scientific discovery, and patents. We were home to 247 Nobel Prize winners (64 in Chemistry, 88 in Physics and 95 in Medicine). We all but completely eradicated polio and small pox. We put computers in most […]

The Blasphemy Boogie

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As you are aware, back on September 11th, 2012, Islamic fanatics calling themselves Ansar al-Shariah (a group heavily influenced and perhaps financed to some degree by al-Qaeda) attacked the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya, murdering Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, members of his staff, and a member of the U.S. Foreign Service. I’m not interested, at […]


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On January 10th, I was in Kansas City on business and got knocked around pretty good in a car wreck. I don’t remember much of the accident itself, mostly because I was unconscious for most of it, but I do recall—pristinely, actually—the words of the cops and the EMTs, when they informed me, in that […]

An Absolutist Position

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Earlier this week, while researching material for a post on secularism in America, and in need of a good quote from Ayaan Hirsi Ali, I found myself trolling through several reviews of her book Infidel (2007), and was astonished to find that numerous reviewers, while standing on their “liberal” credentials (not to mention their individual, […]