I am a historian by education and training, and have concentrated on all things booze for the past decade. Other than knowing that the content here will be booze-related, all other bets are off. Ka-Ninkasi!

The Exotic Booze Club: An Interview with Brian Armstrong

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Brian Armstrong is an Australian-born filmmaker and booze-hound. Founder and president of Red Rock films, he has spent the last couple of decades roaming the globe searching for scenes of natural beauty and/or housing dangerous animals. His films, now totaling fifty and rising, have been seen on National Geographic TV and the Discovery Channel’s annual […]

Ancestral Intoxication

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Intoxication has been interwoven with human culture since about five minutes after we decided we were in favor of culture and sat down to map some out over a few jars of beer. Over the next several millennia our forebears contrived a truly astonishing array of ways to go on a bender, and an equal […]

Biodynamic Bushwa

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Opening Salvo Today, we’re going to chat about one of the trendiest, most debated, and most passionately idiotic areas of the wine biz: biodynamics. (This is the part where I piss-off a whole bunch of really nice, really delusional, people.) Loosely defined (cuz that’s the only way it can be), biodynamics (BD) is a set […]

Do You Have a Favorite Drunkard?

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So? Do you? Some amazing man or woman, past or present, who stands colossus-like atop the Big Keg, the ground below littered with crushed empties and the blacked-out carcasses of lesser beings? A verging demigod, whose prowess with a bottle leaves you shaking your head in pop-eyed adoration? Lots of us do. In addition to […]

Good Stuff

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There aren’t many perks available to the freelance writer. Sure, you get to hone your supplicatory skills when editors take seven months to cut your check. And, similarly, way too many publications operate under the sad and foolish notion that their offer to print your words on paper is all the payment you could possibly […]

Biodynamic Bullshit

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Prefatory Matters Crystals; auras; chakras; tarot cards; Feng Shiu; smart water; channeling; What the Bleep Do We Know?; Ramtha; spirit mediums; palmistry; the misapplication of quantum mechanics; homeopathy; supernaturalism; cryptozoology. What do these things have in common? Each is a shining example of New-Age twaddle. And here’s another, one you might not be acquainted with: […]

A Drunkard’s Baptism

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A week or so ago I encountered a woman here in my little town (in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart, to be exact) who informed me that she was a life-long teetotaler, and gosh-darn proud of it. Nothing good, she claimed—absolutely nothing—had ever or would ever come of booze. She was an elderly woman, […]

Why One Man Quit Drinking

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I drink for a living. I enjoy drinking. I enjoy drinking with people who enjoy drinking. Drinking is my hobby and my passion. So, I automatically feel a flutter of disquiet when confronted by someone who doesn’t believe and act the same. Their excuses are almost always of the tired sort, but every once in […]