About Richard English

Richard English is a writer, historian, humorist, and booze hound.

He is the author of Beer for the Genius, and the forthcoming books Booze for the Genius and Cocktails for the Genius, as well as Home Brewing for the Genius (co-written with Tim Plummer).

His work has appeared in Modern Drunkard Magazine, Drink Me Magazine, Wed, Made Man, and other print and digital venues. He has written for Denver’s Ooh-La-La Burlesque, and has directed 20-some-plays around the country. He was educated at the College of Santa Fe and the University of Colorado (Boulder).

Richard prefers diners to bistros, fedoras to ballcaps, Tecate to craftbrews, and has been known to react with unreasonable venom when bartenders call themselves “mixologists.” Currently, he is at large in the Denver area. Feel free to look him up sometime.


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