Greetings and Felicitations

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Now that the site is up and running, I want to take a moment to offer my most massive thanks to everyone involved in its creation.

First, to Andrew Disney and everyone at All Trades Design. They did first-class work, and I couldn’t be happier. More importantly, however, they put up with me.

To Karl Christian Krumpholz for the image of yours truly.PageLines-rich-profile.jpg

To John Robert Orr, for the “Demonic Writer” logo.

And to all of you, because you read my little blog frequently enough that having my own site seemed like the next reasonable step.

I’m still slapping a coat of paint on some of the walls, and installing the baseboards on some others, but…well… Here it is.

There is lots of content already, and more is coming. So surf around, share stuff with your pals, and if something offends you (which it almost certainly will) feel free to go pound sand.

~Richard English

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